Moving Supplies

Edgemont Moving & Storage carries a wide variety of cartons for all your packing needs. We recycle 90% of our cardboard and paper products to be used again by our customers or they are taken away to the recycling plant. We offer carton rentals and we can even deliver and pick up for a small fee.

We also encourage the use of plastic recyclable packing containers to be used for moving and work closely with companies such as FROGBOX, to encourage our customers to reduce their carbon footprint.

Box/Material Type Cost Refund
(Measurements in inches)
1.5 Cube (16.75×12.5×12.5) $3.00 $1.00
2 Cube (18×15.25×13) $3.50 $1.00
4 Cube (18.25×18.25×21) $4.50 $1.00
5 Cube (18x18x26.75) $5.50 $1.00
6 Cube (20x20x26) $6.50 $1.00
China/Dish Pack (17.5×17.5×24.25) $7.50 $1.00
Picture Boxes Small (38×4.5×28) $10.00 $5.00
Picture Boxes Large (48×4.5×33) $12.50 $5.00
Lamp (14x14x40) $6.50 $1.00
Wardrobes Small (24x18x36) $13.50 $5.00
Wardrobes Large (24×19.75×45) $17.50 $5.00
Mattress Bags: Single, Double, Queen, King $8.50 $0
Sofa Bags/Chair Bags $8.50 $0
Paper/25 lbs/500 sheets $30.00 $0
Tape (per roll) 170 feet $2.50 $0
Paper Pad, per sheet, 6 ply 5’x5’ $3.25 $0
Bubble Wrap  – Per 24×48 sheet $5.00 $0
Flat Screen TV Box (50.5x9x35) $15.00 $5
Tissue Paper $30.00 per ream $0
Micro Foam $1.25 per foot $0

Please note all material prices are subject to 5% GST

Carton Returns

Cartons must be disassembled and flattened (and in reusable condition) or $50 per hour will be charged for our labour to flatten.

Carton Delivery and Pick Up Fees

  • Each Delivery and Pick up @ $25.00 for areas Of North & West Vancouver, Burnaby and Vancouver
  • Each Delivery and Pick up @ $50.00 for all other Lower Mainland areas including Abbotsford and White Rock.
  • All other areas in BC please phone for pick up fees and availability (limited to next time we are available in your area and a minimum charge of $50.00).


Refunds applicable only to customers moving locally in BC with Edgemont Moving and who have prepaid material deposits to us. We are unable to refund boxes on Atlas Van Lines Long Distance moves.

  • Used clean packing paper only returned in plastic garbage bags for recycling to other customers.
  • When returned to our office your carton refund cheques will be mailed to your new address within a month of return. Please provide new mailing address, postal code and phone number.

Office Hours

Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (Warehouse closes at 4:30 for box returns)
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays, closed (or phone for limited availability prior to 8:00 am on some Saturdays).